“Loved it.  The artists’ whose studios we visited were especially great”  A.G.

“It was a lovely tour and truly inspiring to meet artists who have created a sustainable practice!  It was moving to meet such generous artists in the intimacy of their spaces."  M.E.

You were very attentive and present, while never making us feel like we were being herded. Top quality organization. We are looking forward to our next art tour! “  M.M.

“The four of us had a great time.  Thank you so much!”  J.B.

"You have an intimate knowledge of Barcelona, which showed up in your excellent choice of destinations:  restaurants, galleries, museums and artist studios.  I would recommend this trip to anyone with the desire to discover the secrets of this city.”  J.A.

“The Paris tour was really well organized.  The hotel was a really good choice – nice and conveniently situated.  It was a really enriching experience, especially being with artists and we gained new perspectives from the trip and from our fellow travelers!”  B.L.

"We had such a great time.  We didn’t have a clue about the city beforehand and afterwards I felt we knew it well.  Really enjoyed all the stops we made; great selections!”  P.P.

“What a nice tour group.  We were able to do so many wonderful things and everyone was really agreeable.  It was delightful.”  M.K.L.