Tour Programs

The following are the standard carefully-curated programs we offer. Contact us to tailor your tour(s).

Additional tours in other cities (Barcelona, Berlin, London, San Francisco and Vienna) can also be scheduled.


Short Tour of Rouen

Walking tour, that include artisanal atelier, favorite highlights of the Old Quarter of Rouen and a list of additional suggested stops.

Leave from the Rouen Visitors Center at 10am, finish at approximately 12:30pm  (2.5  hours)

Two person minimum.  50 euros each.


One-Day Tour of Normandy

Travel from Rouen to a beautiful beach town, for a stroll or hike, drive to a major nearby town for lunch, a must-do art stop and a Visitors’ Choice destination.

Leave Rouen at 10am return at approximately 6pm (8 hours)

Two person minimum.  150 euros each plus expenses (expenses would include car rental, gas, tolls, entrance fees, lunch, afternoon break)


One-Day Tour of Paris

Visit charming and little-known museums and special exhibits. With enough advance notice, there is also the possibility of visiting an artist’s atelier. Always a lunch break!

Depending on your needs and desires, we are available to provide an orientation that may help you find your way and make decisions about other adventures during your Paris stay.

Meet at first stop at 10am, ending the day at 5pm.

Two person minimum. 200 euros each plus expenses (expenses would include entrance fees, lunch, afternoon break, taxis)