Tour Programs

Experience the charming old quarter of Rouen and the art-filled Marais neighborhood of Paris.

I am now offering regular curated tours of historic Rouen and the elegant Marais district in Paris. As an expert art guide, I will take you to unique, off-the-beaten-path ateliers, galleries, museums, and public art spots that might not be on every tourist’s itinerary.


Art & Culture Tour of Rouen

Over the course of 2.5 hours, we will walk through the city center of Rouen and see some marvelous architecture, cathedrals, antique dealers, traditional makers and artisans, plus be able to go behind the scenes. We'll stop at unique small contemporary art galleries, art museums, and artists' atelier along the way, giving you a chance to meet and interact with local artists and art professionals, as well as a chance to pick up some one-of-a-kind souvenirs.

Leave from a local cafe at 2:30pm and finish at approximately 5pm  (2.5  hours)

35 euros per person.


Tour of the Marais Art Galleries in Paris

Visit the charming and labrynthian Marais District in Paris with many of the best and most prestigious galleries. We will step through some very unusual portals and discover the works of acclaimed international artists on exhibit. English-speaking gallery staff will always be on hand to answer any questions we may have about the artists and artwork. Along the way we will pass other enticing venues - food, design and houseware shops that might appeal.

Leave from a local cafe at 2:30pm and finish at approximately 5pm  (2.5  hours)

50 euros per person.