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Diana Lynn moved from California to France in 2018 after years of frequent travel in Europe and she now has new tours on offer.  Regular tours include the Marais District Paris and the picturesque Old Quarter of Rouen, where she lives.

Diana has crafted customized art tours since 2008.  She has been an independent curator and speaker, director of exhibitions, and was a principal of a contemporary art gallery. A long time member of ArtTable, a nonprofit organization comprised of women professionals in the arts, Diana had a leading role in the Northern California chapter, engaging deeply with the arts community and delivering special programs.

Her enthusiasm for art along with her passion for travel has enabled her to connect with the art scene in a number of places around the world.  She now creates one-of-a-kind art tours that bring together her talent for finding unique, contemporary career artists and having them available to communicate with us about their journey and their inspiration. On your tour, Diana will take you into the very heart of the creative process.